A New Decade Blossums ~

From 2010 - 2020 What I enjoy about myself back then at 16 years old was that I was like an ecstatic musical note packed into Human form. Too much energy for most people, just the right energy to others but either way it was always cool with me. I was particularly bad at planning … Continue reading A New Decade Blossums ~

Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Jasmine Davids

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FB7nLoJl-o&t=2s Episode #7 I can easily say that this has been the most anticipated episode I have released ever since I wrote the spoken word 'Following My Gut' commemorating my deceased Marine brother Anthony Wood and mentioned 22 year old Jasmine Davids in that as one of 36 Angel's who have had the capacity to … Continue reading Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Jasmine Davids

Life Tolls/Death Goals

https://youtu.be/oevJBXMeUOE The Winner of my 2nd held crowdsourced spoken word competition ending yesterday with 10 votes, I wrote this poem specifically for YOU. There are so many telling us to follow those that are famous yet have duplicitous agendas entirely addicted to physical objectives supported by inorganic mutated roots. This is my perspective as I … Continue reading Life Tolls/Death Goals

The Parasite

You voted, and the insectoid emerged! Certainly appreciated your participation for those 13 who partook in the first ever crowdsourced poetry competition I ever held over this past week. This piece was inspired by a good friend of mine whose personification of an aspect of his personality was curious along with a book written in … Continue reading The Parasite

Human Touch

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAc9G00QzCo&t=8s I wrote this because 6 years ago in MCT Another marine who was my good friend For 3 weeks Found out I was gay And ran from the building into an adjacent one When I followed him And asked him why he ran He hid behind a couch. Demanding I did not come closer … Continue reading Human Touch