Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Monica & Nicholas Kicaj

https://youtu.be/DVMO7vprp_0 Episode 5 ~ What frequency do you bring into the rooms you enter? Happy New Year's!! Here we have my most anticipated & longest episode to date with full-time traveler Nicholas & his wife/business partner Monica Kicaj but as my readers are probably aware, my niche from spoken word poetry to interviews remain intentionally … Continue reading Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Monica & Nicholas Kicaj

The Devil’s Puppet

Close your eyes. Course, this ain't possible while reading but level with me will ya? If you recall my most recent piece 'The Parasite', which was based on the aggressive side of a great friend's personality he referred to as 'the Beast', as well as the book 'Outwitting the Devil' I've already referenced before, you … Continue reading The Devil’s Puppet

The Parasite

You voted, and the insectoid emerged! Certainly appreciated your participation for those 13 who partook in the first ever crowdsourced poetry competition I ever held over this past week. This piece was inspired by a good friend of mine whose personification of an aspect of his personality was curious along with a book written in … Continue reading The Parasite

Session 04/01/2018

This session followed a heated argument that I needed to use as a catalyst so those emotions could be reigned in. Enjoy ~

Human Touch

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NAc9G00QzCo&t=8s I wrote this because 6 years ago in MCT Another marine who was my good friend For 3 weeks Found out I was gay And ran from the building into an adjacent one When I followed him And asked him why he ran He hid behind a couch. Demanding I did not come closer … Continue reading Human Touch

To Know A Woman

Shadows of her could be found in used paint and earthy markers tired from creating homes to fill. Joy to fulfill as the clock marked the first hour a soul could feel. Laughter sparked from rooms just left as footprints were nonetheless impressed with immortal swagger of the best dressed. Sick-en-ing ~ Smiles traveled miles … Continue reading To Know A Woman