The Power of Personal Development – 10th Anniversary

Now, as I have been reading for as long as I can remember and have come to regard each and every book regardless of genre as a world in it's own right, not ever is there a better moment than the global crisis unfortunately happening right now that I recommend you pick up a book, friend.

Coronavirus: A Shift of Mindset So, I have friends all over the word giving me their personal perspective of their region regarding how the coronavirus is affecting them as we each hunker down to survive whatever this really is. Though there is still a huge gap of ignorance regarding what we are all dealing with I hope this post … Continue reading Coronavirus: A Shift of Mindset

The Parasite

You voted, and the insectoid emerged! Certainly appreciated your participation for those 13 who partook in the first ever crowdsourced poetry competition I ever held over this past week. This piece was inspired by a good friend of mine whose personification of an aspect of his personality was curious along with a book written in … Continue reading The Parasite

Where Are You Mama?

In support of our GoFundMe Hope for Sabine, her daughter (my cousin) Isreal Barnett decided to release her Power Voice to help this effort. It is a collaboration between my mother @elsielmgartaccount who is a children's author and wrote the lyrics and my cousin and collab partner @isrealb4u that sung it heartily. Please enjoy and … Continue reading Where Are You Mama?