Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Director Mikal Steele

https://youtu.be/ZMolKHabHdo Episode 3 ~ Who are you surrounding yourself with? 23 year old Mikal Steele from Burnsville, Minnesota joined us 5 years ago and in this episode we dig deep into his story, philosophy as well as share the lessons he's learned throughout his 5 year journey with World Ventures so far. There are key … Continue reading Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Director Mikal Steele

Life Tolls/Death Goals

https://youtu.be/oevJBXMeUOE The Winner of my 2nd held crowdsourced spoken word competition ending yesterday with 10 votes, I wrote this poem specifically for YOU. There are so many telling us to follow those that are famous yet have duplicitous agendas entirely addicted to physical objectives supported by inorganic mutated roots. This is my perspective as I … Continue reading Life Tolls/Death Goals