A Tribute To Anthony & Patricia Wood:’Following My Gut’

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0h8Vxtz4uE Ode Though I do intend to memorize this piece in time, Anthony's mom Patricia requested it soon for his memorial service if anything so here it is. Anthony was the kind of guy who had no problem letting everyone know who he is if he was messed with but he was a brilliant, fierce … Continue reading A Tribute To Anthony & Patricia Wood:’Following My Gut’

Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Thapelo Dimpe

https://youtu.be/XmMETrb8Buw ~Episode 2~ What is the power of collaboration? Near and dear to the heart, my answer to this I have discovered atop the glorious stage of interaction. Whether it is with someone I just so happen to have randomly met on public transit due to following my gut to the soul who approaches me … Continue reading Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Thapelo Dimpe

Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Josh Lee Radke !

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnh6YybLTWE ~ Episode 1 ~ Why Network Marketing? In this year of 2018 especially, considering unique business models spanning every industry to supplement your main income stream is incrementally growing more popular specifically for those of us who were born into the poor and middle class that are seeking out a way to make our … Continue reading Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Josh Lee Radke !

Being Interviewed Over A Podcast for the First Time!!

Whew, it took me quite some time to cool off afterwards. You can listen to the podcast here: The Business Blast Podcast featuring Jean Paul Limage There was a bit of a nervous delay answering some of Tyler's questions since doing this for the first time was incredulously terrifying but man was that exhilarating! Having … Continue reading Being Interviewed Over A Podcast for the First Time!!

Life Tolls/Death Goals

https://youtu.be/oevJBXMeUOE The Winner of my 2nd held crowdsourced spoken word competition ending yesterday with 10 votes, I wrote this poem specifically for YOU. There are so many telling us to follow those that are famous yet have duplicitous agendas entirely addicted to physical objectives supported by inorganic mutated roots. This is my perspective as I … Continue reading Life Tolls/Death Goals

Oh, so you felt like aging?

Take the sugary focus away from your life for a moment     breathe     you are now ready. I stumbled upon a most curious mind making billion dollar tidal waves in restorative biotech research that may just launch what it means to be a Human to even greater heights. What if as you aged ... … Continue reading Oh, so you felt like aging?

The Devil’s Puppet

Close your eyes. Course, this ain't possible while reading but level with me will ya? If you recall my most recent piece 'The Parasite', which was based on the aggressive side of a great friend's personality he referred to as 'the Beast', as well as the book 'Outwitting the Devil' I've already referenced before, you … Continue reading The Devil’s Puppet

The Parasite

You voted, and the insectoid emerged! Certainly appreciated your participation for those 13 who partook in the first ever crowdsourced poetry competition I ever held over this past week. This piece was inspired by a good friend of mine whose personification of an aspect of his personality was curious along with a book written in … Continue reading The Parasite

Session 04/01/2018

This session followed a heated argument that I needed to use as a catalyst so those emotions could be reigned in. Enjoy ~

Where Are You Mama?

In support of our GoFundMe Hope for Sabine, her daughter (my cousin) Isreal Barnett decided to release her Power Voice to help this effort. It is a collaboration between my mother @elsielmgartaccount who is a children's author and wrote the lyrics and my cousin and collab partner @isrealb4u that sung it heartily. Please enjoy and … Continue reading Where Are You Mama?