A New Decade Blossums ~

From 2010 - 2020 What I enjoy about myself back then at 16 years old was that I was like an ecstatic musical note packed into Human form. Too much energy for most people, just the right energy to others but either way it was always cool with me. I was particularly bad at planning … Continue reading A New Decade Blossums ~

The Devil’s Puppet

Close your eyes. Course, this ain't possible while reading but level with me will ya? If you recall my most recent piece 'The Parasite', which was based on the aggressive side of a great friend's personality he referred to as 'the Beast', as well as the book 'Outwitting the Devil' I've already referenced before, you … Continue reading The Devil’s Puppet

You are the. . Truth?

  My intention is to become more complex by streamlining simple absolute truths organically so I barely require the conscious. I want to be reactively proactive so to speak. Amorphous nebulous. If you are not the truth. . please advise how I treat you. Then advise yourself ^^ I will work with no one that … Continue reading You are the. . Truth?

My Impression of Martin Luther King’s Agenda

​ What a. . ridiculously powerful energy. He's beautiful guys. To think that there existed a single person who wanted him to die severely exposes the disease that has feasted upon Humanities heart for thousands of years. Project # 1 How many others like this soul are presently trapped in cultures, countries, or by the … Continue reading My Impression of Martin Luther King’s Agenda