New thoughts are lifeblood paving each step cementing our individual advancement towards worthy ideals.

Enjoy dipping into this space as we expand ~


Jean Paul Limage is a Poet retired from 6 years in the Marine Corps who was born in Queens, New York.

Being that his mother, Children’s Author Elsie Limage, spun charming tales off the dome since he was a child, storytelling has always been to him a personal form of magic that every single Soul is capable of.

<So, you stranger, are invited to peruse the selection available here as well as those arriving and if you ever feel the notion towards doing an artistic collaboration with Jean Paul, simply contact him through the available mediums accessible regardless of where you are on this site.>

Note that the origin of EbonyKeeper [JP’s artist alias] bears much significance to him as well. However, you will not yet be given access to the reason. .

Above & below all, Jean Paul believes that in order for one to regard themselves as an Artist, your work as well as character right down to actions should represent organically your innermost truths. For what could be better than becoming an Absolute Truth?

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