The Power of Personal Development – 10th Anniversary

The first time I ever read a book 10 times! Woah.

Now, as I have been reading for as long as I can remember and have come to regard each and every book regardless of genre as a world in it’s own right, not ever is there a better moment than the global crisis unfortunately happening right now that I recommend you pick up a book, friend.

Specifically, not just any book. I am talking about a journey. A walk-about where the reader sheds reality to bear witness of another perspective.

How beautiful.

How form expressive that ‘you’ can become ‘we’ mining epiphanies so that upon returning your very beings energy multiplicates en masse.

I have said more than enough.

For those who know, all of this is obvious.

For those who do not know yet, absorb. . until.

Enjoy my review of the 10th time I read but one of my favorite books in the world.

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

“A book should be an axe to break the frozen sea within us.” — Kafka

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