Coronavirus: A Shift of Mindset

So, I have friends all over the word giving me their personal perspective of their region regarding how the coronavirus is affecting them as we each hunker down to survive whatever this really is. Though there is still a huge gap of ignorance regarding what we are all dealing with I hope this post can help you and your family figure somethings out.

Make sure you’re looking for signs in your loved ones as well. All signs as well as a deeper understanding of what COVID-19 is best broken down by someone qualified to do so like the venerable Dr. Vuong’s account here where he gets down-to-earth with us as to what is ACTUALLY going on so count him in your blessings in this video he released on 03/24/2020:

Be safe everybody and remember that fear weakens the immune system.

Get yourself centered within, for the youth around my age [26], simply regularly drinking water has been shown to boost our immune system but I recommend we all do it regularly. Speak to your doctor through recommended services like Telemedicine like I use to avoid hospitals as much as possible enforcing social distancing to ensure any and all questions are answered especially if you or your family is experiencing any kind of conditions.

We know that #Italy and #Spain is on lockdown with most requiring specialized documentation as reason enough to leave their homes. Italy has a 10% death rate for those treated with the coronavirus.

We know that #NewYork and other U.S states [unsure of #] have closed down public schools, enforced curfews, cancelled sporting seasons, firing people and temporarily stopped many services we are used to having access to.

We know that #Japan has enforced a travel ban to and from the country.

Positive Notes:

We know that #Thailand‘s superb medical community has to this day even released patients with a checked full recovery after being diagnosed with it though you hear rumors of permanent damage in some who had weak immune systems to start with so there’s that possibly consider?

We know that #China has closed down its last coronavirus hospital. Not enough new cases to support them.

We know that doctors in #India have been successful in treating Coronavirus. Combination of drugs used: Lopinavir, Retonovir, Oseltamivir along with Chlorphenamine. They are going to suggest same medicine, globally.

We know that researchers of the Erasmus Medical Center claim to have found an antibody against coronavirus.

We know that A 103-year-old Chinese grandmother has made a full recovery from COVID-19 after being treated for 6 days in Wuhan, China.

We know that Apple reopens all 42 China stores.

We know that Cleveland Clinic developed a COVID-19 test that gives results in hours, not days.

We know that Good news from South Korea, where the number of new cases is declining.

We know that Italy is hit hard, experts say, only because they have the oldest population in Europe.

We know that 3 Maryland coronavirus patients fully recovered; able to return to everyday life.

We know that a network of Canadian scientists are making excellent progress in Covid-19 research.

We know that Tulsa County’s first positive COVID-19 case has recovered. This individual has had two negative tests, which is the indicator of recovery.

We know that all 7 patients who were getting treated for at #Safdarjung hospital in New Delhi have recovered.

We know that Plasma from newly recovered patients from Covid -19 can treat others infected by Covid-19.

We know that #Nigeria is quite safe right now, churches are open, people are out and about living their lives.

We know that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds donated $1 million of their own money to be split between American and Canadian food banks. 💘

Comparing Countries:

We know a curious thing when comparing different countries contrasting course of action in immediate response (or lack thereof) to this developing pandemic. Take New Zealand vs. United States. New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, immediately took action once there was community transmission, enforced a quarantine, then conducted nightly Facebook live streams to constantly answer her citizens questions and help however she can in absolute transparency and they have only experienced one death from 514 cases of COVID-19 as of two days ago that evening 03/28/2020. . cut to the United States delayed reaction and President Trump’s mockery of the seriousness going on until the shit hit the fan and what do you have? 2,425 deaths as of yesterday evening 03/29/2020 from more than 139,000 cases. Again, ALL of this is not entirely on his shoulders yet as POTUS, a mockery of death is an invitation of death. I have family that was away at college and is now stuck at home with no way of furthering their college studies online as their faculty leadership erred entirely in properly planning their students continued education during a pandemic and I feel that much of this is due to the government’s lackadaisically weak willingness to take action as New Zealand fastidiously had. I personally have family already being hospitalized for COVID-19. The blame game does not do much, but there is for sure a huge lesson here.

We know that in the case of South Korea, how their immediate plan-of-action transparent to the public regarding COVID-19 was constructed in just 17 days draws from a painful familiarity displaying initially ill-prepared processes in dealing with that of the MERS epidemic of 2015 which killed 31 of their citizens. Not as stringent as the Taiwanese approach yet not as forceful as Italy has had to adopt, in this secondary account we learn how South Korea has faired and is fairing with 158 now dead from a total of 9,661 cases: Flattening The Curve: The South Korean Approach to COVID-19

Additional Information:

Here are the worldwide accurate numbers of cases and deaths. With a collective 4.82% mortality, 765,018 confirmed cases and 36,874 now dead with 160,251 recovered … it is important to know the truth about what is happening as these markers were made as of 03/30/2020 1:20:18 pm. Of that number, the USA boasts a 4.85% Fatality Rate, has had 38,222 confirmed cases, 2,890 deaths and 8,426 recovered as of 03/20/2020 1:48:15 PM. Source here:

Do not listen to misinformation given to the public by the @WHO (World Health Organization) regarding respiratory masks. Source here: Respiratory Masks by Steve Jang

In ten minutes, Canadian doctor Alain Gauthier with a PhD in diaphragmatic mechanics turned one ventilator into nine with some DIY mechanics which drew attention from Elon Musk! Some description about how to do so lies in this article. Source here: A Possible Solution for A Lack of Ventilators

As I receive more feedback, I will update this very blog post so that may hopefully curb some of the ignorance and hatred that is so unfortunately already rooted deep within the rigid minds of the lost and discarded.

My advice?

Do your best to work from home.

Take this as an opportunity to thrive where other people are floundering.

For the children and youth out there, WE are their elders and they look towards us to spin the globe.

I will be posting more spoken word poetry here to also contribute to the effort of people spending all of that time at home to also create. Transmuting their fear into something to be proud of. Hope ~

Know that from despair Hope can be born and from Hope an Iron-will is forged. From this? Faith is evolved.

How will you wield your power?

Extra resources regarding the coronavirus is here.

Let us thank Jordan Adler for some of the positive news!

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