A New Decade Blossums ~

From 2010 – 2020

What I enjoy about myself back then at 16 years old was that I was like an ecstatic musical note packed into Human form. Too much energy for most people, just the right energy to others but either way it was always cool with me.

I was particularly bad at planning and organizing. I was an agnostic atheist and would argue with any believer from any religion (had the time to spare apparently). I kind of bounced through life haphazardly letting the chips fall where they lie to hell with it all and. . sometimes that wasn’t too healthy heh. . especially when there was so much of my life controlled by external forces.

I would get overstimulated from helplessness or shock then melt into panic attacks, shortness of breath, erupting in tears, constantly getting in trouble, incapable of sitting still.

Fast forward to now –

I have centered myself through experiencing so much. From traveling, meditation, reading, having mentors, being apart of other’s story and experimenting with risk in a healthy way I’ve begun to actually grasp how to not get overstimulated by everything. That’s definitely a thing that still happens though haha. . but now I do not answer to anyone. I live by myself with my own rules, my own setup, my own spirituality, my established peace.

Creation and entrepreneurship are the only things that make sense to me now in how to live a great life as both are rooted in the pristine clarity of freedom as holding my hand out to other people has been the underlying seed to what causes so much distress inside. From having jobs to being forced to stomach those I’ve lived with placing myself as putty in your hands was not organic. No, I would rather deserve commission and build passive income.

It is why the military never did more than mangle the direction I was taking myself. When unnatural relationships, misaligned family and stagnant friendships compounded this disruption, like snakeskin I shed it all off layer by layer. I cannot be paid the peace and vibrant Life I have been lucky enough to taste from countless delicious moments through the currency of forgettable physical dust and blood money.

I went from fervently feeding off of so many others creations addicted to the next fiction I’ll read like an energy vampire to making my own mark first as a spoken word poet using the source material of mine and others imagination, experiences, pain, epiphanies to curate my very own stories. And, like my children, I sometimes release them simply amazed at how each person who really listened interacted with them.

To go from a consumer to manufacturer has been pretty fun!

So onto the new decade. Of becoming more, feeling deeper, writing truer, collecting joy, earning more and snipping away at what is not Jean Paul to unlock my potential further.

Let us give our children some wicked stories to remember ey? 🤓

Observe the first episode of leKeepers Sweepstakes* featuring a great friend I absorb much from when we cypher! 18 year old Rapper Ruger Finesse out of Atlanta, Georgia originally from Miami, Florida with his music video: ‘The Garage‘. Please enjoy and if you share his story, inform me over IG @ebonykeeper or Facebook and you may win a prize for supporting his journey!

Happy New Years!!

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