Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with International Marketing Director Buffy Chang

Episode # 9

This episode was delightfully warm, exemplifying the Power Woman who set it’s frequency. Knighted Trainer & International Marketing Director Buffy Chang hailing from Seattle, Washington now based in Taiwan is just truly something else.

Typically, the general public regard those earning certain average income’s exceeding $500,000 annually with reactive stereotypical derision. ‘Their condemnable Capitalist’s!’, ‘Only those who started at the companies inception make all of the money!’, ‘You have to manipulate and take advantage of thousands in order to earn that kind of money!!’ Yet, as I found myself suitably aware that not only was Buffy just like one of us 6 years ago; overworked, underpaid, time broke, looking for something new. . it wasn’t inorganic for a sort of kinship to arise inside me. She’s Us, but she just chose to work harder and smarter in a vehicle unlike what most people are comfortable with. My advice? You want Buffy’s life? . . cease caring about what ‘most’ people think and follow the examples of those who have what you want for your dreams and your families well-being.

To be quite honest, Buffy could have easily been camping anywhere in the world right now as is her passion, vacationing somewhere spontaneous, training someone in her team or just doing what is none of our business but she decided to take time out of her day to share her personal story of going from average to extraordinary so I don’t know about you I highly respect that willingness to serve from someone I’m not even on the same team as. Who earns no money from what my partners and I do. See, for most people, it is not too hard to imagine that after attaining success. . they just up and disappear. You never hear from them again. I find it stupendous that now, through this industry and how network marketing companies are designed it is a natural phenomenon if you deserve it to spend quality time with those living abundant lives people dream about but often accept would never be possible for them.

For me, I know that as an ambiverted middle-class artist now turned entrepreneur from Queens, New York, stuff like this is a mere pipe dream to the working class let alone those at the poverty level. But I have learned that through our amazing concept. . so long as you humble yourself to remaining coachable, teachable, tough and willing to work on your credibility, anything is possible. We call folks that craft this sort of Sylvestor Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Buffy Chang mentality. . Indomitable.

When have you looked at your excuses, your ‘mistakes’, your tripping’s, your ‘random’ epiphanies as the next step to lower yourself down to the chamber of Indomitability? Where the fresh air of coves you have yet to explore within your infinite latent potential beckons you towards coming to realize this new phase of your life? And more importantly. . after exploring, decorating, creating, experimenting and wearing out those spaces like mountains eroded for billion’s of years by winds harsh kiss in the crevasses of the Soul. . what stories will you share with us? As Buffy has done. As she is doing. As she is inspiring the rest of us to Be.

Becoming a force of Nature uncaring of the season’s.

Being success incarnate ~

“I think at the bottom of our heart’s everybody craves for that freedom. Nobody wants to be chained to that desk 40 hours a week. . . This society trained us to be boxed up. So, Freedom. If you really crave for that freedom you would do whatever it takes to get it. And if you really knew the price of that freedom that could give you the freedom that fruit could give you, you would not waste a single minute.” – IMD Buffy Chang

“When you’re speaking in the truest, most intimate voice about your life, you are speaking with the universal voice.” – Cheryl Strayed

If you would enjoy continuing to follow our journeys through Network Marketing or rather reach out to either of us privately over our respective social media’s with question’s feel free to go to:

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