Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Jasmine Davids

Episode #7

I can easily say that this has been the most anticipated episode I have released ever since I wrote the spoken word ‘Following My Gut‘ commemorating my deceased Marine brother Anthony Wood and mentioned 22 year old Jasmine Davids in that as one of 36 Angel’s who have had the capacity to disrupt my depressive episode’s with the Light of Life of which our Soul’s reflect.

This episode is Bigger than her just being a Beast in our company that has poured lava into our bloodstream’s as we bring more Dreamtrips to the World. It is Bigger than the income, the edification, the physicality distraction that interrupts Mankind daily second by second from Realizing their Potential. In fact, it is that very disruption that at anytime of the day any one of us regardless if we are residing in Zimbabwe, Korea, Germany or the United States can just take a moment away from Life to ask ourselves: ‘What am I doing?‘, ‘What am I fascinated by? and ‘Is my Soul inhabiting the same frequency Jasmine is? If not, Why not?’

With perspective rooted in ‘The Celestine Prophecy‘, the 13 year old proof of it’s prophecy showcased over The Voice, Kennedy Holmes’, Josh Waitzkin passing it on to his son told through his book ‘The Art of Learning‘ & Episode 2 of The Tim Ferriss Show, Richard Branson becoming it depicted transparently through his autobiography in 1998 ‘Losing My Virginity‘, I am proud to state with no shadow of a doubt Jasmine is well on her way along the journey of unlocking Human Potential. MsForeal is undoubtedly, a Keeper.

Too many people view our vehicle as the mean’s to the end rather than the accelerator to arrive there quicker wherever that individual’s ‘there’ lies. A concept that provides inexpensive perennial access to bringing your family along anywhere in the world, serve as a side income passion project, personally develops you if you participate and all those who trust’s you enough to partner with you financially, mentally, emotionally while breathing Vision into your native language? Into your daily thought patterns to supercharge the idea’s you’ve already formulated or spawns new one’s while leveraging the team to make anything possible on any schedule? And some wonder why I accepted this industry as a profession to be disrupted enough by inundated vibrance to learn how to develop a person’s Power Voice.

If my content or interacting with me or Jasmine contributes in anyway to furthering along my readership to seriously consider meditation, creation, building a business, picking up a complex book, conquering your most Unspeakable fear or seeking a mentor to emulate that has what you what then we have done our job’s.

To a Life Worthy of Storytelling!

‘In the past year I feel like I have grown more than ever in my entire life.’ – Jasmine Davids

‘What I’m fascinated with. . is Power Voices.’ – EK

If you would enjoy following our journeys through Network Marketing or rather reach out to either of us privately over our respective social media’s with question’s feel free to go to:

Jasmine Davids: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Brockton Massachusetts Station

Jean Paul Limage: FacebookInstagramYouTubeSnapchat, SoundCloud, Jean Paul Limage (FB Page), Interviewed by Tyler Wagner

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