Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Jelena Ostrovska

Episode #6

What a pleasure this was.

At just 24 year’s old ranked the #8 MLM Blogger out of thousands, a technical wizard, a certified coach this one is just bustling with the accolade’s like also being interviewed over ‘The Online Playmakers‘, having spoken on stage to 500+ Entrepreneur’s and the list goes on we have the honor of receiving Jelena Ostrovska.

I have followed her journey assiduously for at least a year now and the teaching’s over Facebook live’s alone have been incredulously insightful. You come to find that those who provide excellent service to the many tend to share valuable content like seed’s everywhere they go, and Jelena is no exception to this. Can we get a ‘snap‘ for another conscious capitalist?

To be 24 year’s old, not only self-sufficient but thriving there is something every one of us could certainly learn from her. From introducing me to curious book’s I am acquiring written by Russell Brunson now to being absolutely transparent about her growth toward’s becoming an authority in the Network Marketing Industry this episode was truly a simply delicious bite of truth.

I’ll allow it to actually speak for itself by keeping the blog post short as her influence is so vast that to really learn Jelena you’d need to hop in on one of her Facebook Live’s, take note’s, communicate, absorb what you can so you go ahead immediately implementing it and I’m pretty sure if you’re like me then you cannot wait for her to release her first book as well! Definitely going to be a first-time buyer!

If you would enjoy following our journeys through Network Marketing or rather reach out to either of us privately over our respective social media’s with question’s feel free to go to:

Jelena Ostrovska: Facebook, Instagram, Facebook Page, The Unlimited Entrepreneur Network(FB Page)

Jean Paul Limage:FacebookInstagramYouTubeSnapchat, SoundCloudJean Paul Limage(FB Page)

‘I could not outsource my face … even Introvert’s can make it happen.’ – Jelena Ostrovska

‘You’re struggle is not an excuse. . it’s ammunition.’ – EK

Bonus Quote: ‘It’s a Stone Cold Fact, we have a BETTER way!’ – Eric Worre Network Marketing Pro

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