Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Monica & Nicholas Kicaj

Episode 5 ~

What frequency do you bring into the rooms you enter?

Happy New Year’s!! Here we have my most anticipated & longest episode to date with full-time traveler Nicholas & his wife/business partner Monica Kicaj but as my readers are probably aware, my niche from spoken word poetry to interviews remain intentionally long form. I am not the kind of person who wants just desserts I need a full course meal to grow strong feel me?

Not only is this the longest interview I’ve featured even factoring in that it officially started 4:20 into the recording. . that still leaves an hour and 46 minutes of vividly delicious material! At least for my palete. They spent 3 months in Europe, 1 month in Australia, 1 month & 1/2 in Isreal and the list just goes on my goodness.

So let’s get into it, we covered everything from their origin story to the struggles each of them went through that would of generically rushed those of lesser conviction out of the game of cat & mouse where it’s you vs your inner Giant. Seperate, they’re a force not to be trifled with yet together this couple are literally Unstoppable. To the point that if all of the amassed negativity presently existing in the minds of living mankind by the billions dared to take form in our reality. Flesh of arrogance, blood of rot, thoughts of greed, claws in stock. This creature of world parasitical proportions would flee for the horizons at the merest flick of Monica & Nicholas Kicaj’s bumped fists.

Then it would have to return to the relatively safe non-place energetically absorbing weakened mind’s lurid taste.

Now, when I asked them who were 2 of their favorite mentor’s in our company as well as the lesson they internalized above all from each Nicholas said: Johnny Wimbrey, “Swing the Bat“; while Monica said: Eric Grzybowski, “Do it, Duplicate it and stop making everything so freaking Complicated!

I don’t know if you guys could tell but I was positively enthralled the entire episode. Felt like the Sun was concentrating the Love essence that beat it’s 15 million degree heart pouring into me so only light could persist there. This was much less an interview and far more soul therapy. Think I just met the physical manifestation of my travel/energy/leadership/relationship goals. Bonne nuit!

Nicholas Kicaj: “Fuck it!”

Monica Kicaj: “Fuck it!

Jean Paul Limage: “Fuck it!”

If you would enjoy following our journeys or rather reach out to either of us privately over our respective social media’s go to:

Nicholas Kicaj: Facebook, PT on a Plane(FB Group), Spontaneous Freedom(FB Group), PT on a Plane(IG), Nicholas Kicaj(Private IG),

Monica Kicaj: Facebook, F*%K IT MOMENTS(FB Group), Instagram, Blog,

Jean Paul Limage: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Keeper’s Institute(FB Group), SoundCloud, Jean Paul Limage(FB Page)

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