Our Hug It Forward Foundation’s Newest Bottle School

One of the thing’s I thoroughly enjoy about representing such a goliath like Dreamtrips is our heart.

It is always down to the very seed or heart of an entity that reveals it’s true nature.

Those who judge the exterior to be alien thus misjudge the interior, so allow me to be the window to the naturally woven soul of a motley group of folk daring to live life by design.

By intention βœŠπŸΏπŸ’™

Here we have a servant leader, a woman I think of as la Love BEAST Vianeli Garcia that will be featuring over my Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper series soon, but as of right now she’s got her sights set on fundraising for another building.

At any given time there are 8 or so bottle schools Hug it Forward is building somewhere in the world. Run by a team of 4 people with an unclear number of 120-293 schools presently built if not more, this foundations focus is clear.

Guatemala is heavily in need of thousands of schools ever since it emerged from a 36 year civil war in 1996 where 200,000 people were killed, of which 83 percent were Mayan. People are paid poorly ($2-$7 per day), while poverty and corruption run rampant. The need for schools were essentially prevalent in 2009 when we began building them and realized students did not have schools to attend past the 6th grade, so they would enter straight into the workforce.

The more we build, the less this happens!

I cannot wait to go on my first Voluntourism trip personally whether it’s in Guatemala, Africa or wherever but until then I will support in anyway that I can.

Please consider donating to Vianeli’s bottle school here and thank you for reading! Remember the last day to donate is this Sunday 12/30/2018 βœŠπŸΏπŸ’™


Update✨: We did it!! The fundraiser was accomplished and Vianeli will be on the plane to Guatemala!!βœˆπŸ³πŸ‹πŸ

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