Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Ariel Lenor Hunter

Episode 4 ~

This episode, I invited the first Woman onto the series to share her story with us. Ariel just hit Senior Representative and so in celebration I invited her to be interviewed. Though their was some connectivity issues due to the intense rainstorm occurring on 12/02/2018 when this session took place, we pushed through well enough I would say. I cut 4:55 of our session off the beginning as fatty material since we were solidifying our connection.

You can tell Ariel is a fighter and if you can’t heh. . you’re kidding yourself. Anyone can use a network marketing companies product as it does not require much semblance of intelligence to do so however, to be successful with any business for those whom choose that option on top of using the product certain characteristics we observe to be common among the successful.

To be true, some of these distinguishing qualities are naturally observed in those at or above Ariel’s level of complexity. . before ever becoming involved with a concept like ours that is. This is of course due to encountering and/or overcoming obstacles throughout their life so I will outline a few here:

  • Doggedness – these Souls do not stop UNTIL they win.
  • Awareness – they have been through enough character building experiences or are simply present in the activating of their intuiton so as to navigate around handicaps that would typically trip up the average person.
  • Toughness – their best friend, family member or even partner could not shake the conviction once the decision to WIN is made for the tough know that to buy someone’s opinion is to buy their lifestyle. . while this pivot in entrepreneurship once taken begs for a new circle of influence to now surround oneself who are normally accustomed to changing the world the maintaining of focus to accomplish one’s productivity goals is bolstered by this new frontier of thinking. You must create another familyship 🧡
  • Coachable – because you are aware, tough, and indomitable you humble yourself to be capable of listening to those who have what you want. In the network marketing industry, this titular responsibility is given to those that have used the product, earned the income and already fulfilled the goals you yourself hold close to achieve to further build the belief to represent your company as a part-time or full-time ambassador. The one you choose. . to call Mentor.

It is conclusively worth pointing out that the intensity of a person’s hypnotic rhythm determines the degree of influence this world they interact with is ultimately affected.

Let us appreciate Ariel’s example for the moment. Her focus is not only absolutely present with me during the interview, she is remarkably balanced as she is raising a child, building a promising business part-time, hoists a full-time job, and still creates the time to visit marvelous countries around the world. Dreamtrips cushioned with residual income atop her other sources of income to round out a greatly lived life.

She is undoubtedly humble and to put it bluntly anyone would be lucky to be mentored or end up partnering with this hard charger. Men are personally developed from merely interacting with Ariel as she checks their awareness point blank to affirmatively realize off the gate that she is a business owner who deserves respect that is presently interviewing a possible partner for the opportunity to represent a billion dollar company rooted in a multi-trillion dollar industry. You best take her serious or years from today peers and family alike will question your judgement if it is revealed you could have been alongside her in the trenches rather than a ghost of the past whispering; ‘Yes. . I once knew her’, ‘I shouldve. .’, ‘If only I wasn’t so scared’, ‘If only I dismissed what regular people thought of me’, ‘If only I said yes’ … and so on as it goes with ghosts.

In life, I do hope that the decisions you make. . you are willing to pay the price as I am for the lot of them. As Karma does not seem to regard kindness when it comes to collecting it’s due.

To it. . every action. . is Black & White.

So our doled out sentences, however complained about, we deserve if you never took advantage of being the Alchemist who intentionally energetically adjusts this experience to become the greatest life you chose to live.

Always remember that if something goes ‘wrong’ in life keep it at heart to just observe as a simple lesson that will upgrade your complexity if you choose to overcome it like what our venerable Tarah Davis says: “Champion’s adjust.” 👊🏾

Much was learned from Ariel’s interview especially the focus of practicing humility regardless of success attained.

You may follow her journey here:

Instagram, Facebook

You may follow my journey here:

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“Before this it was all about my son, and it still is all about my son but I realized that in order for me to build this business the right way there’s going to some things I have to miss.” – Ariel Lenor Hunter

Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.” – Barbara Marciniak

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