A Tribute To Anthony & Patricia Wood:’Following My Gut’


Though I do intend to memorize this piece in time, Anthony’s mom Patricia requested it soon for his memorial service if anything so here it is.

Anthony was the kind of guy who had no problem letting everyone know who he is if he was messed with but he was a brilliant, fierce friend with far too much-untapped potential we will never learn about now. He was also really curious to just talk to as his blunt manner of speaking always was refreshing and I learned a lot from his unapologetic manner of living his life to the fullest.

Rest In Peace – Anthony Wood, Jeremiah Campbell, Napoleon Hill, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Eartha Kitt, Jim Rohn

Live With No Regrets – Tarah DavisLes BrownJohnny WimbreyJay PaysoJerrell DinkinsWanda WebbElsie LimageLilie EnnisJasmine DavidsBethany WebsterEsther HicksRhonda ByrnesMatt MorrisSashin Govender, Wayne Nugent, DeVantĂ© Barrett, Charles JohnsonGregory David RobertsTim FerrissJosh Waitzkin, Drew Diamondz, Mr. Tsolekas, Stephen Quinones-Sera, Carolina Leyba, Holidae Grant,  Maritza Bellagio, Hoshaine & Cyrena Braham, Marc AccettaMama Gaia

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