Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Thapelo Dimpe

~Episode 2~

What is the power of collaboration?

Near and dear to the heart, my answer to this I have discovered atop the glorious stage of interaction. Whether it is with someone I just so happen to have randomly met on public transit due to following my gut to the soul who approaches me after sharing myself at poetry slams, presentations or vice versa always the question is brought an answer. Alone, we can accomplish brilliant feats, that are testaments to the person we have built ourselves into up till this point. However, when another is added into the mix, this is when our realities version of magic actualizes. You can call it thematic interconnectedness or what have you, but it is upon this very principle that I have built the philosophy behind my art, to building my network marketing business to who I am and what I represent as a person.

Due to connectivity issues, as I can only imagine was caused by my distance from TP as he resides in Pretoria, South Africa while I am in Glennville, Georgia, the facebook live quality is not yet at the level I intended so bear with me you may skip ahead to 2:40 if you like. We will be doing another interview with Thapelo in a years time when he graces America with his presence.

I still wanted to feature this episode though so you could sample some of his genuine energy and learn a bit about his background because I do believe the Network Marketing Industry is stupendously blessed to have someone like this represent them as the path is forged ahead.

We need more transparency, laughter, and respect to add vibrancy to what fellow Network Marketers are attempting in their respective companies industries as they choose to become professionals rather than amateurs as well as to dull the ego typically upended when attaining success so dramatically in this field.

If you would like to see the quality I am striving for with my interviews in due time, you may observe our one and only Michael Jex’s present project. It is of absolutely spectacular quality: The Dreams & Nightmares Podcast

You may follow Thapelo’s journey over his respective accounts:

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

As well as mine:

Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud

Note: I am not being endorsed for any linked resources shared through these interviews at this time. As it stands, their purpose is to elevate your complexity through the unveiling gray mire known to you now, as a new thought.

Blessings ~

“One day I must be insignificant in your life.” – Thapelo Dimpe

“There’s nothing quite like being a bridge from darkness to light for someone so buried they can just barely make out our call.” – Jean Paul Limage

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