Enter: Interviewer EbonyKeeper with Josh Lee Radke !

~ Episode 1 ~

Why Network Marketing?

In this year of 2018 especially, considering unique business models spanning every industry to supplement your main income stream is incrementally growing more popular specifically for those of us who were born into the poor and middle class that are seeking out a way to make our weekly or bi-weekly paychecks considerably heavier.

Used to be that one ‘good job’ earned enough to cover most costs regarding your life, holding down the household and caring for the children (that’s a great job!) but if your partner worked as well the combined income might have even allowed for a few dates here and there and maybe a vacation once or possibly even twice per year.

However, when we consider someone like Warren Buffett whose net worth right now is $84.6 billion who has reportedly stated having at least 2,000 individual income streams dominating his asset portfolio, there is an obvious great divide between those who think in the terms of 1 income backed up by a few regular assets (renting property, investing in shares, owning a restaurant) and those who leverage online businesses with a global footprint to make the best out of their time by working with partners to amass wealth.

My definition of wealth is your answer to this question: ‘If you were to stop working right this moment, how long would your livelihood survive?’

2 months before your aggressive landlord evicted you? 6 months if you’ve got a good passive income stream flowing? Or perhaps a week for those who have children requiring constant trips to procure diapers or food along with all other necessities?

I work as an Artist, Network Marketer and am employed right now but I am moving towards mirroring Warren Buffett’s diverse asset portfolio. In my financial statement, I do not focus on the expenses or liabilities, my interest looks past income received only focusing on my asset portion which is my business and a few stocks I own as of right now.

As you enjoy this video, where I interview a like-minded friend who is only 21 years old born and raised in Minnesota growing through the walk-about of being a budding residual income earner in Network Marketing, I would encourage that you would also follow Buffet’s example as well and shift your focus from earning regular income to building passive income so your wealth can last you and your family as well for each generation indefinitely.

Not only does Buffett own 3 Network Marketing companies, but he is one of the role models for me when it comes to bettering my finances. If you have what I want, I listen to your counsel. Be it financially, relationship-wise, spiritually or what have you I am willing to learn so my wealth can grow.

My confidence is definitely boosted as the CVO of the company Josh and I represent is like me, a retired Marine, and so listening to his speeches, being present for the trainings of some truly curious souls he’s attracted and being lucky enough to track the stages of my own personal growth throughout this remarkably curious experience is really just a blessing.

You can find Josh over IG or Facebook if you would like to follow his journey as well.

Though the audio quality was not as good as I intended, I will ensure future episodes improve in that respect. If you have any feedback, questions or what have you feel free to contact me or watch my journey.

It’s all about the come up!

Thank you for watching.

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