Being Interviewed Over A Podcast for the First Time!!

Whew, it took me quite some time to cool off afterwards.

You can listen to the podcast here: The Business Blast Podcast featuring Jean Paul Limage

There was a bit of a nervous delay answering some of Tyler’s questions since doing this for the first time was incredulously terrifying but man was that exhilarating! Having a complex well-known person like him asking ME questions was curious in it’s own right as well. This is a little known video he made I’ve thoroughly enjoyed because of it’s simple truth about putting effort into the work that gives you fulfillment.

My absolute favorite podcast interview Tyler W. is responsible for was when he invited Tyler Bayley, Leadership Developer & Keynote Speaker, to feature which you can listen to here. Tyler B. is remarkably curious, and you can clearly see this through the type of crisp material he releases through his website as well as from the organic speeches he gives.

I love that when you choose to represent something bigger than you whole new avenues of possibilities populate making themselves available terrain to traverse upon as you wish.

If you have any questions or would like to see more of Tyler Wagner’s work I’ve placed them here:

Bestselling Author of Conference Crushing
Head Honcho at Authors Unite
UnProfessional Speaker at Tyler Wagner
Need Advice? Schedule a call with me on Clarity 
P.S. I made the Featured Image with the hopes of wide-eye eyeballing the camera atop grass but my brilliant idea was thwarted by the Sun relentlessly beaming down on me. . oh well ~

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