Life Tolls/Death Goals

The Winner of my 2nd held crowdsourced spoken word competition ending yesterday with 10 votes, I wrote this poem specifically for YOU.

There are so many telling us to follow those that are famous yet have duplicitous agendas entirely addicted to physical objectives supported by inorganic mutated roots.

This is my perspective as I believe in the subtly incremental art of self-making and meditation.

Of spreading your roots into the rich life lessons of the dead and presently living successful people who follow the absolute laws of the universe to overcome their personal adversities to become who their thinking about.

If you only just look at the world from your default singular point-of-view, you place yourself at a massive disadvantage supported only by the easily collapsible Ego pillar compared to those of us that absorb from the aggregated genius sourced throughout Humanities timeline.

(My godson Charles debut in this one as it was raining outside and I was placed on Babysitter duty. Please enjoy his cameo appearence 😋)

For Creation!! 💪🏿

If you enjoyed this, you are welcome to share, subscribe to my youtube and instagram (Jean Paul Limage), and most importantly … move towards creating something yourself.

Perhaps I’ll catch you for a collab someday!

6 thoughts on “Life Tolls/Death Goals

      1. hahaha finally someone who gets it. Most people don’t catch that you’re awesome Laura =P Aye, I had visited there for family a few months ago and now I’m visiting for a training trip. It’s going to be dope!

        Liked by 1 person

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