The Devil’s Puppet

Close your eyes.

Course, this ain’t possible while reading but level with me will ya?

If you recall my most recent piece ‘The Parasite‘, which was based on the aggressive side of a great friend’s personality he referred to as ‘the Beast’, as well as the book ‘Outwitting the Devil‘ I’ve already referenced before, you may find yourself nearing an intersection.

Now, here is where your eyes closing matters most. We are again going to dive down into our inner planet. If you’re familiar with my perspective of a Human, you would know that I am almost entirely uninterested with certain attributes when the topic of discussion does not concern a possible mate to consider. Your identifying gender, job, weight, skin color, age, race, ethnicity, astrological sign, religion, nationality, how many appendages or digits you have rate a 0/10 interest level in my book.

What does catch my mind’s eye that correspondingly raises your rating so to speak to a possible 10/10 are your complexity level (degree of personal development, creativity, awareness, discipline), how awakened your Giant is (presence of energy, power voice, history using the absolute laws of the universe, disruption capacity), the kind of people you attract, your story, what your inner world possibly looks like, what you have overcome and where you are going.

Certainly with standards like these I am required to ask questions in order to attempt to comprehend the soul before me to form a metaphysical picture of the size, power level and aura of your Giant.This is as you might imagine my favorite activity to partake in, the interview.

Enough on that though, back on topic.

So, now we are finally submerging again within for the second time on this blog. Depending on the robustness of rich material you have packed within yourself over the course of this life (books read, obstacles overcome, peace manifested, accessible mentors, success attained, how many people you’ve helped, peer group, density of depression) the inner world mirrors this amalgation in the old language of mother nature. That is, millions of species of animals and fauna the likes of which Earth has never seen. Colors only tetrachromat’s like Concetta Antico (about 100 million colors compared to the average person at 1 million) can see. Stars that rearrange down to a microsecond mirroring the binary codes depicting what part of the internet the respective person’s in reality avatar (body) interacts with every single day.

Here is truly, the anatomy of a Giant.

But we will dive even deeper this time. Far past crust nearing the planet’s core where there is movement afoot. Here lies a Beast busily chewing through you. A Parasite.

It is my belief that it is the misfortune of being Human that causes every single one of us to be infected by this sentient metaphysical malignancy through the manipulations of the Devil as described by Napoleon Hill. It’s size is directly correlated with the suffering that Being has gone through and IS going through over the course of their life. You have the freedom of imagining what your personal parasite looks like.

Symptoms of a well-fed Parasite: intolerable arrogance, apathy, tendency towards uncontrollable violence, complacency, unwillingness to adapt, lack of curiosity, lack of desire, addiction [cigarrettes for example], dictatorial tendencies, preference for lying, herd mentality, overtly fearful, the list continues.

Now imagine everytime you think a negative thought, your Parasite takes another bite. Such as; ‘I can’t do …’, ‘It’s impossible …’, ‘I do not deserve …’, ‘I am weak’. Also, add-on to that when these backward thoughts leave your lips what is actually ocurring is that the digested spiritual material of your soul is being ejected from the Parasite’s intestines. Through your mouth.

Now note the abnormality that occurs when you consider reading a book by say the curious Giant Josh Waitzkin, or perhaps even listening to Outwitting the Devil. An uncomfortable feeling arises. You don’t read books!

I would like to note that whenever I feel this uncomfortable feeling regarding anything, I typically do the thing anyway. See, what’s actually happening is that when your Parasite senses you’re about to expand, think a new thought, and try something different … it shudders in absolute disgust. You mentally and emotionally mistake this for your intuition and disregard the Giant step you were about to take, as Napoleon Hill’s Devil laughs joyously. ‘Close one’ he says.

This is what I say to you.

You must finish that book, steady the habit, master a discipline or else you leave your planet defenseless to the Parasite’s appetite. It will grow to the size of the planet and then the Soul is consumed. You’ve become a Drifter as Napoleon Hill stated.

You may have already noticed Drifters about you on the day to day.

The light has nearly left their eyes. They are through and through consumer’s.

Some are homeless, others are in jail, more seem to populate politics while a few are even your coworkers and members of your family.

Being a Human we’re either growing or dying, unfortunately there is no in between.

One of the strategies we can use to save and resuscitate Drifters are our power voices, the language of creation. I am still working on organically developing mine presently so until further notice please refer to Les Brown’s energy and intuitively ‘pickup’ what it means to have a power voice.

Remember, if you are even reading this, you are not a Drifter. Drifter’s do not read … anything epiphany causing that is.

I will continue to share what insights I discover throughout my journey so that you can better guard your inner world as well as those belonging to who you care deeply for.

DISCLAIMER: If you never read/listened to Outwitting the Devil but finished this post, there is a high likelihood you believe I am out of my mind. That’s cool with me. I am really only seeking feedback of constructive criticism, curious inquiries, questions, that sort of thing.

I am here to cause new thoughts and have new thoughts.

Leave your baggage behind you.

As my companies knighted international trainer and 2xIMD Sashin Govender says: ‘No matter how dirty your past is, your future is still spotless.’

Let’s go do some exterminating!! 😤😬

Pssst … this article was inspired by a conversation I had today with one of my brothers from the Marine Corps who wrote Vile Mentality with me.

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