Oh, so you felt like aging?

Take the sugary focus away from your life for a moment     breathe     you are now ready.

I stumbled upon a most curious mind making billion dollar tidal waves in restorative biotech research that may just launch what it means to be a Human to even greater heights.

What if as you aged … you remained in stunning health avoiding the typical afflictions that hazard your bloodline as well as those notably associated with aging? 50 years old in a 30 year old body (if not younger 🧐), the brilliant Nathaniel ‘Ned’ David is working with his company Unity Biotechnology, Inc atop 30 years of research to allow this implausibility space for absolute disruption.

Must you get old?

Born December 27, 1967, American Molecular Biologist Nathaniel David Ph.D. has co-founded a series of companies in the biotechnology and sustainable energy sectors collectively raising $1.5 billion in financing and is just getting started!

Here’s the short scoop if you have yet to view the information I hyperlinked.

Senescent cells cause tissue and bone degradation over a lifeform’s life span along with a litany of other issues. After discovering they are the most druggable component out of the multiple mechanisms that drive aging being; stem cell exhaustion, metabolic control (calorie restriction, mTor), loss of circulating youth factors, the unknown variable and senescent cells, Unity is working with it’s sponsors and partners to create an FDA approved drug to delete senescent cells from our bodies. Just two days ago actually, Unity conducted a treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee.

I am making this post for the single purpose of adding more fuel to the fire. Nathaniel is simply requesting more funding to pour specifically into Unity Biotechnology.

Every 3 months Unity’s liabilities amount to figures between $3m-$3.5m so the $208.8m they’ve so far raised could I’m sure use the vital lubricated financial supplication of donations, purchasing their UBX stock ($14.35), or contacting them directly for specific inquiries or perhaps going for Nathaniel over his Twitter @NathanielEDavid.

They also have several positions available to interview in South San Francisco, so if you want that I urge you to apply.

Do realize that I have not been endorsed to spread this message. I just feel that it is my duty to shine the light of the public on a Giant so that we can examine their colossal footprints. If paleontology is the study of our fossilized past, then giantology (yes I just it) is the study of certain individuals who intentionally awakened their potential.

May your intuition guide, gathered wisdom push and activity drive you through plateaus steadily so that the chrysalis of a moment is expanded always by your very presence.

‘Well, not uniquely to us, we tend to think about aging as a phenomenon, as the product of a constellation of mechanisms that work together to create the overall phenomenon you think of as aging.’ – Nathaniel David

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