Session 04/01/2018

I was mad.


As usual, whenever I reach this point which is rather rare. . I typically call my mother, Elsie.

Now you got to understand something about my Mom.

She’s the single reason why I am still alive today, so along with being a rather curiously agreeable portal into this world she is a direct link to my deepest emotions as well as great counsel in monitoring them.

But these are stories for another day, so back to the 1st of April, 3 days ago.

April Fools day, heh.

But this was no laughing matter.

I am excluding the cause of the argument as that is subjective to my personal life whereas the meditation is ample material for all to digest and regard.

In this mood, I called my mother Elsie who suggested that I meditate after having such heated disagreement.

I immediately agreed.

Having meditated for 5 years now ever since my decade long egotistical stint as an agnostic atheist was folded by an ex, my mother and Dr. Wayne Dyre with his delicious ‘The Power of Intention‘ when I was 20, I knew this was the perfect endeavor.

But that is also a story for another day.

I never meditate with clothes on lest I am unluckily at a friends house without privacy, so that was the first object off the list.

I locked the door, turned off the lights, placed a pillow on my back against the wall, and reached for a notepad.

Now, my mother also advised me that when I meditated this time, bring three questions along for the ride to utilize as a compass inside of the gap.

In my 5 years of journeying within I have never once used questions, so the prospects of this excited me. She told me the 3 questions to write down to pose at the Universe: 1) Where are my glasses? (I could not find them for a week) 2) How do I better communication with my sister? (source of argument) 3) How do I solve my dilemma? (Of leaving the state now that plans changed)

So on that notepad I wrote these questions 3 times each, and just before jumping into the meditation as my music I’ve been listening to for these past 5 years undulated, I then read them aloud 3 times.

Then I dived.

When you meditate, understand that the singularly most important factor to successfully shed your present lifeforms conscious momentarily. . is focus on breath.

So with that in mind, using deep breaths to then alternate holding for a few seconds or so, I progressed onwards.

See, in this mode, each breath taken is alike to an instrument in your metaphysical toolbox meant to create a parenthesis where the subject matter between are actually each thought your consciously thinking or emotion being experienced.

Imagine that meditation is just like using a black marker to draw a door on your belly of which you open with the first breath taken as the session begins. As ‘you’ step inside, infinite black space greets you. Yet if you focus, you’ll make out a planet eventually that operates as your inner world. The ‘base’ you receive from the getgo due to being born a Human.

Now the state of this world’s health is determined by how much richness you’ve allowed into your mind. According to the research of Dr. Gabor Mate, a Physician who specializes in neurology, psychiatry and psychology, the process of one’s epistemological growth can be negatively affected while the child is still in the womb. When the mother is highly stressed this energy acts as a catalyst that actualizes into a possible variety of choice malignancies like brain disorder’s such as adhd, depression or manic depression.

So many people are unfortunately born afflicted by glitches like these which cause their inner (soul) and outer planet (self) to experience particularly severe storms, sudden extinction of species be it fauna or flora, earthquakes, mood changes, etc.

The manner in which you can improve it’s state of health however, is an entirely curious endeavor in and of itself. The answer lies in the gray domain of new thoughts and love.

Whether the epiphany is caused by disciplines like mastering martial arts, meditating, building businesses, or experimenting with art, through observation of a curious mind like say Kahlil Gibran or Josh Waitzkin, it does not matter.

So long as a ‘Aha!’ moment occurs, is recorded in your notes, and fiddled with later, the process begins. New species begin to populate, rock formations change, continents split as seasons shift. If the ‘Aha!’ though is utilized for negative things, unnatural occurrences begin to dot all around. This may come in the form of a baby Wyrm that tunnels throughout your planet ingesting YOUR life energy to grow all the larger. Caused by actions such as addiction, smoking cigarettes, harming another, suffocating someone else’s freedom and so on. What you choose to focus on determines what exact direction growth moves towards.

Now that we see our planet inside of us, step through the door, angle yourself at your planet, and push as hard as you can to catapult towards it. You may notice an oddity occurring as you near it. Storms that darken all corners of your skies actively pound down on the populace below. This natural chaos are actually an indicator of the present state of your conscious mind. It is said that 50,000-70,000 thoughts whirl throughout our minds every single day. Yes, these are those storms you see.

The point of the breath, is to cause your inner world to shift from passive bystander, to a participator. So as your small physical body tallies a decidedly deep breath, so does the nexus of your personal piece of infinity. With each breath, your planet regards these thoughts and emotions that hound us, and lets them go like shooting stars or ingests them to use as ‘organic material’ to further growth.

Now back to my meditation.

As I let the anger, sadness, goals, frustration, hopelessness, lack of faith go, slowly did my skies get all the clearer. Once I finished this task, my entire planet became clear of even clouds. Sky blue.

Experimentation Commence

This is what is referred to as getting into the ‘gap’. Where author of 40+ books in this subject, Dr. Wayne Dyer refers to as the space between words. Between letters. Where all of existence could fit between the letters you see before you.

Once inside, my visions typically begin.

But during this particular meditation, something different occurred. Instead of immediately acquiring a vision after I reached the clear sky peace, I blanked out. It was not sleep nor was it astral projection (never tried it), it was something else I’ve never experienced.

I became nothing.

All senses turned off, even awareness of my very own soul, there was literally no input. It was like my brain was dead. Then I awoke from it back into the meditation with a rush of the senses pouring in all at once. The feeling of being alive causing tears to pour down my face. As I never time my sessions (which I should be doing), I do not have any idea how long I remained of the nothing frequency.

Now was the time to begin my questions.

  1. Where are my glasses?

Immediately I transformed into a wisp of light the size of a housefly and began to hover throughout the house. I scanned rooms, floated parallel along edges and walls, left my sister’s room alone, yet found myself spending the most time in the kitchen and the laundry room. I indicated this was a sign that these would prove the best places to look once done with the session and moved on.

2. How do I better communicate with my sister?

Immediately, my right elbow folded into my chest and became a mountain. I went back in time billions of years ago when Pangea was and noted how Mother Nature is the owner of the largest business on this planet. She had automated systems that supported 8.7 million species of creatures. As I ramped up the fast forward to this present day, I noticed how the Volcano’s she no longer had a use for became mountains and how every organism and thing served a purpose to support her agenda. Then the vision shifted to a small enclosed space where a new technologies invention was debuting. –I do not mind sharing this with you as I believe in total transparency– A flight propulsion engine that could be used as an individual unit for one person or for a large flying machine floated in the air. It had 4 chambers powered by renewable energy that utilized the energy of vibration itself whose frequency was so fast that the matter within the chambers shifted constantly from liquid state, to gaseous to solid. I concluded that this vision was encouraging me to simply just focus on my growth so that I could become a better version of myself which would invite more space within my relationship to my sister. Ultimately bettering it’s quality in unknowable ways.

3. How do I fix my dilemma?

Okay, so though vision-wise up to this point the meditation had been very particular and specific in it’s message, here is where things got a little wonky. Now I’ve played a game called League of Legends on and off for 6 years now, and learned a lot about myself throughout that time through this virtual lens. Anyway, here we go: I became the Wisp of light again, broke away from this dimension and entered that of League of Legends, arriving on the planet Runeterra. Now Runeterra has been constantly plagued by extraordinarily devastating wars due to the presence of magic in the realm. That and hextech technology (magic fused with machine), caused the leaders on this planet to seek out an alternative to war to resolve global and nationwide issues. What was decided upon was putting together a ‘League of Legends’, where the best fighters from all across the world were invited. They would each be paid handsomely dependent on performance, and in turn they would represent a nation in a magically controlled hextech environment where they were brought to and controlled by Summoners to vie for the winner’s place. Some came for glory, others for competition, while several had motives of their own yet the fight was always to the death. Except in these environments, they could not die. So as that Wisp, I zoomed as fast as light throughout the planet that was now no longer animated, and visited every single one of the 140 champions that interact in the league. Some particularly enlightened like Karma, or those fused with demons like Swain actually took notice of my presence which was overcome by mere curiosity in my singular purpose. Finally, I regarded one of the magically controlled hextech environments, called Summoner’s Rift. I do not know why exactly, but I was drawn to it. Just like the advanced technology that controlled the fighting arena’s in the book series ‘The Hunger Games‘ by Suzanne Collins, nearly any effect happening within these zones were malleable. Except in League of Legends even death was. So here I actually ran into a degree of difficulty as I tried to push through the barrier surrounding Summoner’s Rift, but after intense effort I was through! Immediately in the physical realm, here on Earth I noticed a difference. My body began to get hotter the deeper I traveled into the map. I was beginning to worry. I know several people who meditate or astral project that encounter less savory experiences then they strive toward so a reluctance to continue onwards built up. It was not until I was exactly halfway through the map that my body reached an unbearable temperature that I finally decided to eject myself from the meditation. Coming to, I noticed that it felt like all 37.2 trillion cells that make up my body was hot as if they were all vibrating rapidly on the exact same frequency. As I learned from previous meditations, I calmed down a little with deep breaths to finish the session before I returned to the real world’s normalcy.

Once done, it became my mission to discover if the findings for my first question were correct. With my bad vision, I checked everywhere I could think of in the kitchen but did not uncover my glasses. I then went into the laundry room and scoured every surface, only to discover that the pipe for the dryer had unloosened and so I affixed that on. Disappointed at the prospect that the entire answer to my first question seemed to revolve around fixing the dryer, I took some notes regarding the meditation and simply reviewed.

What the hell was with the answer to the third question?

Why did my body get hot?

What was on the other side of Summoner’s Rift?

Also, on 04/02/2018, a day later, my sister surprised me in the morning with breakfast and told me she found my glasses. Shocked, I asked her where it was. ‘In the kitchen on the counter’ she said. Blind as I was, I had overlooked that spot for nearly 8 days.

The 1st answer was correct!

The kitchen it was.

P.S. I am not being endorsed to post the supporting links above. I simply explored each of them and found the aftertaste delightful so there you have it!


I have always considered sharing what I experience during my meditations, but moved to do so only because just yesterday it was expressed to me that an individual I encountered through WordPress has been trying to meditate more frequently to gain a better foothold on their life. Since this discipline has assisted me in innumerable ways from the stress accumulated throughout my 6 years in the Marine Corps, relationship breakups, dealing with over-stimulation, digesting confusing emotions and so on, I knew intimately how the introduction of such a random element can affect someone’s life.

I am forever grateful for those 3 breaking me out of my comfort zones.

Namaste (I bow to the divine within you)


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