Battling being Average

I think those of you plagued with curiosity like me may find this book particularly actionable.

It’s called Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill.

See in 1908, Napoleon was but only a mentee of the great Dale Harbison Carnegie when his mentor tasked him with a magnum opus of an assignment.

‘For the next 40 years of your life, interview the most successful people presently alive to find out how they become who they are and then share these truths with the world.’ (I’m adlibbing😆)

So this is exactly what Napoleon did.

He released several big hitters that even today nearly a century later are still best sellers (Think and Grow Rich for one)

But this one specific book, ‘Outwitting the Devil’, that he wrote in 1938 was banned due to fear of the Church’s wrath along with that of the general public from then to 2011. Amassing 73 years of lost opportunities to convey the lies it ousted.

However, when it was finally released in 2011 when the person (Don Green) who the manuscript was passed to decided the general public could think enough for themselves for the book to be received, an audiobook version of it was recorded and made for free on YouTube.

The books premise is this; Napoleon has discovered some manner of telepathically speaking directly to the Devil. The technique in which he uses however, ensures the Devil is incapable of lying to him.

Thus, he forces out every single one of the Devil’s tools of the trade utilized to control 98% of the population. This goes for the 7.8 billion presently alive as well as the 107 billion who have lived and died.

Being that I am not religious, I thoroughly enjoyed how in this book Napoleons ‘Devil’ did not originate from any religion at all but is in fact far more larger than them all.

I listened to this audiobook 3 years ago at 12am and still remember the spine chilling tingles that traversed throughout my body. I then listened to it a few months ago at least 2 more times.

It’s a short listen for an audiobook at nearly 4 hours (most known audiobooks are 9 hours to 16 hours -looking at you Sapiens-).

I would love to get your opinion of it; so for anyone who decides to listen via YouTube there you are or SoundCloud I’ve got you covered as well.

My reaction was that I would be damned if I’d be one of it’s Mummer’s.

That I would propagate enough new thoughts in people which invites boundless energy into the Human Collective/ Universe that might make a veritable dent against the ‘Devil’s’ automated system.


P.S. I recommend listening to audiobooks and/or podcasts while engaging your body in physical activity such as working out at the gym, bicycling, washing dishes, cleaning the car, tidying up a house, going on walks/runs, taking flights, and so on. I find that engagement in this way betters the quality of the physical activity as well as the attentiveness to the audio input. It also helps me pay attention to the audio itself.

Wield those headphones wisely!



The Art of being Human is further advanced the more we intersect disciplines, other complex individuals experiences, meditation as well as going on adventures.

Ensure that your mind and those of whom you care for are guarded against the fat.

Or they will end up like the majority of that 107 billion we DO NOT remember.

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