You are the. . Truth?


My intention is to become more complex by streamlining simple absolute truths organically so I barely require the conscious.

I want to be reactively proactive so to speak.

Amorphous nebulous.

If you are not the truth. . please advise how I treat you.

Then advise yourself ^^

I will work with no one that is fake, dictatorial, egotistical, racist or any cousin to these personality disorders.

As it is true that you can build yourself. . please design a someone who isn’t a wannabe Goliath or delusional fossil stuck in the past.

It is time for new stories!

The boring are forgotten once they begin to speak.

Ensure passing mirrors do not reflect dust animated by faux thoughts.

Repeat Humans incapable of action marching to the beat of ‘greater’ men’s epiphanies.

Do you not deserve your own?

Claim your territory.

The mirrors show you where.

Be who I do not know.

So I may visit there

#reinventyourself #weareabovedepression #aboveregression #butbelowourselves #loveselfinthedarkness #exposedarknessinthelight #tobethetruth #onemust #sleeplightlyatnight

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