What is one thing you love about yourself?

I made this post due to reacting to the IG of the curious James_Trevino:

@___________ I’ve noted that the more complex and compassionate the person. . the more pain they’ve experienced. You simply need to discover why you deserve a great life miss ^^ You can revamp this system by curating a lifestyle of servant leadership.

Bettering the quality of life of enough people so that their testimonies of your kindness replace despair that simply refreshes itself on a daily basis if nothing is done regarding the transmutation of so much dense energy within you.

It has taken me ever since I was 16 years old to now being 24, to figure out how to truly love myself like this. You note that when you are resonating at your highest frequency that the eyes have a heightening of energy seemingly surrounding them. When you speak it makes other people uncomfortable. You’re stepping with the feet of the giant within dear. I actually recommend reading ‘Awaken the Giant’ by the incalculably complex Tony Robbins who read 700 books in 2 years in his early 20’s and for the past nearly 4 decades have been helping hundreds of millions of people grow out of a stifling self-imposed exoskeleton unnatural to our predecessors who used their intuition to hunt in the wild whereas at present you can live in entire disregard of your own intuition by acclimating ‘successfully’ to the dominating regime you happened to be born into.

I say that you are larger than the Cosmic Web that contains all of the billions of universes miss ^^ You are infinity personified. There is much to discover about what you love about yourself in the adventures ahead. Namaste ✊


Disclaimer: I made this post due to a woman who said that she does not identify one thing she loves about herself. I could not stand the thought of this, so as I omit her name for privacy, I adamantly provide this response.


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