A Thing I love about ME

One thing I love about myself is how people seem to react to my energy in person. I’m much like my mother. People end up just talking to me.

One time while I was still in the Marines during MOS training for 6 months in the desert at a rather nice base in 2012, an odd friendship formed.

See, I was the only reason why my drunk brutishly large German bruddah named Bentley didn’t fuck up his roommate.

It seemed that I’ve always been the only person in our 12 man unit able to calm him down so good ol’ Webber (Bentley’s roommate) knocked on my room’s door.

Keep in mind that I’ve been making sure since President Obama repealed ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ in 2011 during the end of boot camp that everyone knew off the bat that I was gay so that if there were any problems, they could just stay away from me.

Now Bentley always sort’ve treated me like an elder sister though I’ve never been particularly feminine as far as I’m aware and he stopped trying to attack the other man after I told him I would give him a massage.

I did so until he fell asleep and had to crawl away from his tight embrace to escape his room. Fucking loved that hilarious dude named Bentley.

What kind of Soul’s does your energy naturally attract?

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