My Impression of Martin Luther King’s Agenda


What a. . ridiculously powerful energy. He’s beautiful guys. To think that there existed a single person who wanted him to die severely exposes the disease that has feasted upon Humanities heart for thousands of years.
Project # 1
How many others like this soul are presently trapped in cultures, countries, or by the whims of tyrants who claim a stake in a Soul’s reason for Being?
Project # 2
How many of us is locked within the prison of our own minds not realizing we can fashion the key at any moment?
Project # 3
Who will attempt to unlock another’s prison after freeing themselves?
P.S. ~ We are each other’s Keeper’s. Your power is your perspective, your story, your vision. In a world where those that are aware know we are already equal, who will grow the other?
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Martin Luther King’s Final Speech


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