Soul Whims

‘Only when the 9th month blooms will you taste life.. briefly
Only when the heart stops may your essence return to me.

I, Death, grant you One century –
to live as you please in the Land of the Envied.

A place where creation sparks thrice a second,
Where my sister – Love, is worshipped as Gaia the planet.

From Death’s hand you are granted a vessel,
Mortal wrappings through which one may travel.

Such is the contract between Love and Death. .
They who seek paradise out of nothingness.

Once you return –
Do not be shocked.

For a poem is a Soul,
And life but a thought.’

Portals wound in flesh pushed creatures from bloody canvas.

Some come with claws –
And others,

Another could speak and communities listened.

In the Land of the Envied,
Cultures begin.
We write our stories so the Coming may listen:

‘Return this place to the way that it was ~

A blissful existence. .
The Land of Love.’ – JPSoliloquy


A ridiculously enjoyable collab with Artist@art_by_rima combining my poetry with her painting. Man this was so much fun guys ~

#amwriting #poetry #poetsofinstagram#goodvibesonly #love #creation#experiment

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